The New Zealand government has established a Medicinal Cannabis Scheme to improve patient access to medicinal cannabis products. The New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council (NZMCC) is the peak body for the sector to coordinate and represent organisations involved in all aspects of the industry in New Zealand.

The Council is building an inclusive platform that identifies and communicates common priorities for the medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand, ensuring well-considered development of the sector to deliver the highest quality and most accessible medicinal cannabis products to New Zealanders.


The four objectives of NZMCC are to:

  1. Provide a vehicle for the medicinal cannabis sector to organise itself and communicate key priorities.
  2. Contribute to the establishment of a successful, professional and respected medicinal cannabis industry based on world-leading regulations and the best science.
  3. Ensure the integrity of the New Zealand industry provides the best opportunities for patients to access safe and effective products.
  4. Promote collaboration and cooperation within the sector to enhance the reputation of medicinal cannabis products and services developed in New Zealand.


Code of Ethics

The Council has developed an industry Code of Ethics that all members agree to adhere to and be accountable to each other for.



The Council is comprised of a representative from each full member. The Council has a monthly conference call to discuss a previously agreed agenda which may include other key stakeholders as part of the agenda. The Council aims to meet in person at least twice a year. Membership is formalised through application to the Incorporated Society.

The Council has an independent (part-time) position to undertake the work of the Council funded by fees from the members.

The Council discusses key issues of interest and try to develop a common position on public policy issues, regulations and practices. No position of the group is communicated publicly unless there is consensus on either the position or agreement to communicate that there are different views on the issue within the membership.

The Council as a whole or groups within the Council may collaborate on initiatives such submissions on legislation and industry regulations, shared research, development of sector standards and potentially the development of a national brand based on a commercial cooperative and common products.



A list of current NZMCC members is available here.

Any company, organisation or individual may apply for full membership if they are eligible under the NZMCC membership provisions including compliance with the Code of Ethics and:

  • have at least three years experience in commercial aspects of the legal cannabis industry in New Zealand (including Industrial Hemp); or a License to Cultivate a Prohibited Plant (Medicinal Cannabis), a License to Possess Controlled Drugs; a License to Deal in Controlled Drugs; and/or a License to Manufacture Medicines; and
  • provide a direct net benefit to New Zealand communities.

Associate membership is open to any company, organisation or individual that does not meet the full membership criteria or does not wish to be a full member – this may include new companies, government agencies, Crown Research Institutes and academics.

To enquire about membership, please contact us for more information.