Full Members:

Associate Members:

Any company, organisation or individual may apply for full membership if they are eligible under the NZMCC membership provisions including compliance with the Code of Ethics and:

  • have at least three years experience in commercial aspects of the legal cannabis industry in New Zealand (including Industrial Hemp); or a License to Cultivate a Prohibited Plant (Medicinal Cannabis), a License to Possess Controlled Drugs; a License to Deal in Controlled Drugs; and/or a License to Manufacture Medicines; and
  • provide a direct net benefit to New Zealand communities.

Associate membership is open to any company, organisation or individual that does not meet the full membership criteria or does not wish to be a full member – this may include new companies, government agencies, Crown Research Institutes and academics.

To enquire about membership, please contact us for more information. We are currently in the process of establishing a legal entity for NZMCC and will invite applications for new members once the legal structure is in place.