Code of Ethics

NZMCC Code of Ethics


NZMCC requires that members abide by this Code of Ethics in word, action, and with the spirit of integrity that is at the core of these commitments.

The NZMCC Code of Ethics sets out specific standards of conduct for members of the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council with respect to the manner in which they deal with other members, regulators, suppliers and customers. All NZMCC members agree to adhere to this code as a condition of membership.

In this Code of Ethics “NZMCC members” means member organisations of the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council including individual employees, board members, significant shareholders and key advisors/contractors.


Core Principles

NZMCC members are committed to upholding the highest standards for the industry underpinned by five principles:

  • Safety and Affordability: Patients should have access to safe and affordable medicinal cannabis products. Everything we do and produce should be designed to avoid harm to people and the planet.  
  • Integrity: The industry will be trusted when we are trustworthy.
  • Accountability: We will be accountable for our decisions to each other, to regulators and to the public.
  • Inclusion: We are representative of the industry and will ensure those who have been disadvantaged by historic policies can have a place in the industry.
  • Collaboration: We will cooperate and work together for the good of patients, the industry and the country.


Members demonstrate their commitment to the profession, to society and to their peers by pledging to uphold and abide by the following standards:

  • We shall conduct ourselves and our businesses in an honest and dignified manner, reflecting our adherence to the laws that govern our operations.
  • Given the high profile of the medicinal cannabis industry and the scrutiny under which we operate, we commit to appearing and acting with integrity at all times in order to reflect a positive image for the industry and promote our sector.
  • We will strive to educate ourselves, our contacts, and our clients about the most current research and practices available to the industry.
  • We agree that safety, training and education are of the utmost importance in maintaining a professional workforce. We commit to provide for the safety and training of employees to ensure a healthy work environment. We will grow the industry workforce through high quality training, support, supervision and employee development.
  • We shall respect the views, ideas and contributions of our peers. Open and honest communications and the sharing of ideas and experiences are critical components in the early development of the medicinal cannabis industry.
  • We will obtain and maintain all appropriate licenses and consents from relevant authorities to engage in any aspect of the medicinal cannabis industry.
  • We recognise the cross-party support for medicinal cannabis laws and regulations and pledge to support political activity that advances the legitimisation of the industry.
  • We commit to communicate and promote our products and services in a manner that reflects positively on the medicinal cannabis industry and shall comply with all broadcasting, publishing and advertising industry standards and regulations.
  • We shall treat NZMCC members with honesty and respect and always conduct ourselves with integrity and in good faith. Members shall express opinions about other members and the products they offer in a fashion that will facilitate a collegial, professional, and productive atmosphere within the organisations and the wider sector. Members shall further avoid conflicts of interest, predatory practices, anti-competitive behaviour and illegal business activities.
  • Each NZMCC member not only agrees to abide by the principles and practices set forth in this Code of Ethics, but also acknowledges that a material violation of any of the provisions of this Code could constitute grounds for immediate removal from the organisation.

NZMCC members will always:

  • only provide products and services that are legal;
  • maintain accurate records necessary to demonstrate compliance with the law and keep records in a secure location so any individual’s records remain strictly confidential;
  • maintain the highest possible professional standards regarding the operation of our business affairs, including obtaining any required permits, licenses, registrations and consents from regulatory bodies;
  • ensure the secure and safe cultivation, storage, processing and transporting of plant material and safety of products;
  • adhere to industry standards and regulations;
  • ensure that there is never more than minor impact from our activities on the neighbours and environment around our places of work;
  • maintain the highest quality of service and a reputation for honesty and fairness, refuse agreements that are unfair to patients and respect the privacy of individuals and intellectual property of other organisations;
  • conduct ourselves with integrity and represent the patients’ best interest within the limits of our organisation’s professional responsibility and survival;
  • foster both fair competition and cooperation;
  • look for ways to contribute to the betterment of our profession and the industry;
  • honour our legal and ethical obligations toward employees, suppliers and patients.

NZMCC members will never:

  • permit any plant material or product to be used for illicit purposes;
  • sell, barter, give away or otherwise distribute cannabis to persons who are not appropriately authorised license or prescription holders;
  • discriminate illegally;
  • engage in malicious or deliberately inaccurate criticism of the reputation or work of another organisation and will never conspire with others to fix prices, organise illegal boycotts, nor engage in other unfair competitive practices;
  • make public threats of violence, promote illegal activity or make statements in public that could bring the industry into disrepute;
  • advance their own interests at the expense of the overall industry;
  • offer nor accept bribes, kickbacks, or other unethical inducements;
  • take unfair advantage of their position as an employer or supplier.