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Advocate Wanted: NZ Medical Cannabis Council

The NZ Medical Cannabis Council is a brand new industry association for an industry that does not yet exist. Our membership is currently ten small companies that will be involved across the industry from breeding and cultivation to extraction, analysis and distribution.

We are looking for an experienced advocate and communications specialist who can provide services for the Council as we establish an industry body that is inclusive, focused and effective.

The ideal person will have experience in the following areas:

  • working with senior politicians and government regulators
  • industry organisation and development – particularly in highly regulated sectors
  • public relations and media management

They will be excellent at engaging with key stakeholders, prioritising limited resources for maximum impact and identifying the most appropriate responses to emerging opportunities and challenges.

The initial focus of the role will be to ensure there is constructive engagement between NZMCC and public policy decision-makers as New Zealand prepares to pass medicinal cannabis legislation and set regulations for the new industry.

Because this is a new role funded by businesses in an industry that is not yet legal the paid time available is only 5-10 hours per week for a fixed term.

Part of the contracted role will include industry development projects that may attract co-funding from other public and private sources.

For more information please complete the form below. All enquiries will be treated with complete confidentiality.


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